Sunday, June 8, 2014

Soul Searching: My perpetual engrossment.

They say with the rise of every sun, we rebirth for a new beginning, for yesterday turns to a memory, a mere history, and every time we close our eyes and surrender to the gentle hush of sleeps arms, we die and let go off the grip of the by-gone. Morning dawns us with a new beginning, a chance that sets us afresh, rejuvenated and a new mission begins.
I know I am born every morning, to set a new mission, to paint a beautiful art on the barren canvas, to discover self, set my inner flame on, to paint a beautiful bigger picture and touch the day and its occupants with the colours of contentment and smiles by the end of the day. I seek to be this, be this always in my endeavor towards ending my day.
 And after all these, I reluctantly embrace sleep with a knot in my throat because I have not really understood what is the accomplishment I seek for.  I twist and turn in my bed, with a heart that has not reached the zenith of accomplishment. I slowly drift into sleep tired of thoughts. 
And as the shirk alarm breaks the sleep, I wake up never ready to embrace the new life I am endowed with. I reluctantly open my eyes, and
feeling glum and half hearted, I prepare to stroll through the days manoeuvre.
My discontentment of the past day and the reluctance to embrace the upcoming day has me bewildered and stumped deep within. I am possessed by no melancholy or sorrows that would put me in this clueless state. I just feel I have a bigger purpose in this universe other than this humdrum toneless manoeuvre. I feel I have yet to discover my soul, my ever ecstasy yearning soul. What could lead me to the accomplishment of this ecstasy?
I believe I have the means to reveal me, my authentic being, my treasure within me that can lead me to the ultimatum of finding the ultimate answer, my soul searching is on. And I shall not rest, I shall steed, dig and thrive till I discover my ultimate soul. Until then, my existence would do no justice to my being. My pursuit of soul searching has begun. *.*


  1. wonderful. keep going. cheers!

  2. Wonderful post. You've shown maturity in your language. I envy you on this. Keep writing and sharing with us.

  3. Nice to hear that you have begun searching your of luck..

    1. Khotkin, yes, better be late than never as they say. Thank you.

  4. Pleasure to read your article,....keep it up