Sunday, June 22, 2014

Words of a naive person; for the people of my generation ^.^

The toasts of the graduation night  not just salutes the attainment of university education but also commemorates ones entrance into a test stage into independent adulthood and coming into terms with the real raw world on our own (whoa!!). You set out in a world to adventure with a lot of courage, determination and fear at the back of the minds; risks, odds and rewards you are sure to encounter in the endeavor. Be it the awesome realities or the odd realities, it is because of yourselves, for yourselves to take in and on yourselves will it impact. Twenties are the years in which you learn to build a firm castle on a trembling ground. As you step in your twenties, you have to be ever prepared with the armour of facts that’s i.e, this decade is the greatest bump in ones adulthood and, you are going to learn the hard way, things are going to get messed up, you will climb Everest and have equal share of falling in the pacific trench. It is a stage in human life where one will first prick and bleed in the venture to pick the rose; and having gone past this, only will you learn to pluck the rose by avoiding the stings of the thorns (ouch!). In the event, one is never to succumb and surrender to whatever the twenties has to offer unless it is the thing you truly deserve and is the thing that makes you content.
Failures and mistakes are the chisels that shape, carve and build you. Experiment, take risks, do the things you are most scared of, embarrassed of, make mistakes, because doing the scariest  things and facing biggest of the  fears will prepare you to cross small fears boldly in future and you would never make whining sounds in confronting the many risks and fears one have to face.

One should never settle down on the job you don’t like (never). This is the time to grab on opportunities the world has to offer. Take risks, switch jobs and see where you fit the best. When you have a huge life ahead to build up on your shoulders, you cannot afford to  get caught up in  job that you least love doing, rather you should be smart to focus on what job suits you best, pays you best, grows you and helps you grow others. Getting caught up in a job you hate and bitching about it and doing nothing about it will not just demotivate you but consume you.

Be with the right circle. Keep the people you love close, keep your family close. The job you love is never cent percent assured to be yours; your friends are going to build their own lives and divert. For the good times as well as bad times, family comes first and will love you unconditionally (oh yes!). You will bump with many people you instantly befriend. Be vigilant enough to pick the ones who are genuine in their intentions on seeing you grow, and are happy in whatever you pursue. Remember there are a whole lot of people out there who will want tap your weakness, i.e, your blind faith and innocent trust in them and use it for their selfish advantages; be watchful of these honeybees with stings in their tails, kick them out, put yourself first. Love yourself because not everybody around can be as sweet as you are. Know how to keep the faithful friends that have lasted, for these are the sweethearts that have been there to share and rejoice your happiness as well as hand you tissues in your unhappy days. Embrace them, be there for them, look out for them even though the relationships and the job you dedicate to is going to give you less time to catch up and spent more times together.  

Partying too much and socializing obsessively wastes your time (hell yeah!).  Having fun once in a while and knowing how to mix the thrill and fun with conscience is healthy, but loosing yourself in these games will rob you off the precious hours which you can devote with your family and people you care, to your work, in magnifying your hobbies and devoting to the self growth. Always remember, alcohol is the tool of the weak and the insecure to access and seek comfort in the social circle (:o). 

Having tried the college days in experimenting on love and dating doesn’t mean you have to end up settled with a person in a committed relationship as soon as you complete university. The first thing you don’t want to land up is get caught up in a mediocre relationship and end up having babies right after you have a job or even before that (nay!), at a crucial point where you have this huge task to discover and give birth to yourself, and in affirming your twenties for a brilliant 30s and years beyound.  Only settle down to a committed relationship if the other one builds you, and give you a chance to invest values, happiness, and contentment. Commit only if you and the other person seek out for each other with respect and faith and look out for togetherness beyound everything, else it is not worth diverting your energy and time to a meaningless relationship. With your heart and brain as tools, get caught up in love and get swept away, love is beautiful when it is beautiful and meaningful (wink wink <3).

Seek to live in freedom (J). Analyze your society’s rules and let only the truth and righteous influence you. Dare to disobey the dogma, filter the pros and cons of the society, else if you follow the society’s dogma and live the trend trying to adjust among others rules and perspectives, you will be just another number insecure and scared to trust oneself and having nothing that’s build out of one’s conscience (Remember, as much as virtuous aspects, Bhutanese culture and tradition also has ill aspects). The education you were given and invested into is meant to be put to the best use and bring change; you were never educated to be another uneducated. So travel the road less travelled. Embrace change for better, push beyound the horizon if need be, and continue to learn.  Don’t change who you believe you are for anybody and always be open to new perspectives. Always be honest with yourself, take the risk of being very honest with yourself and the major problem of your life is solved.

Job and money isn’t everything in life; slow down, take time for yourself, you are a prism and you emit different colours that make up the rainbow of your life. Your job isn’t the vital energy in your being. It is just one of the facets, so find time to put aside the work obsession and dedicate time on the things that make you happy, and the things you are very good at. There is nothing like spending a good day doing the thing you love most and realizing that you are actually living your life; pursuing your passion gives you meaning, self confidence and importance and  is really a treat to ones existence.

Work for the people you love, not for yourself, for working for the ones you love gives you deeper purpose and strength to endure. Never count others blessings, instead count your blessings that others would never have. And always always remember, expensive things you desire cannot make you happy, for this desire never ceases to stop, so will this perception of happiness never be attained. There are great things which are totally free and a can make you realize total happiness at the end-love, smiles, kindness, humanitarianism and pursuing your passion. And happiness of all is the greatest nourishment, prevention, security, cure and attainment (who doesn’t want this?)

So, here we go my friends, cheers to us all for making it to this point and wish us all a good and meaning full life. J J J

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